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I'm a graduate student getting my Master's in Counseling and working with kids at an after-school program. Austin, Texas.

I sometimes write songs. They're here


And Now I have an album on Bandcamp!!!

My blog just for the songs I write

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8th November 2012

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Andrew would feel, in a way that made him momentarily believe despair was a mistake, that he missed those times, that there was a yearning, really, to his prose; and would try, then, to desire, in this missed and wanting and therefore nostalgic way, the present moment, when feeling lonely or sad; to experience it while it was happening as the thing he would later yearn for—to realize, as it was happening, that feeling bad was a mistake—as if it were words on a page, being read and not lived.
— Tao Lin, Eeeee Eee Eeee

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